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1 ProMods-Scandinavia-Edition-1-5-top-10

 ProMods Scandinavia Edition v. 1.5 

2 Multimod-v1-0-ets2mods

Multimod v 1.0  

3 Mega Tuning Mod V4

Mega Tunin Mod V4 

4 2013-08-07-scandinavia-best-mods-small

ProMods Scandinavia Edition v 1.0

5 2013-12-21-Realistic-Physics-Mod-v8-0-1-best

Realistic Physics Mod v8.0.1
Official Version!

6 Romanian-Map-small-top-10

Romanian Map v 2.0 Final Version 


7 2014-01-23-New Harder Dover - Hannover - Calais Map best

New Harder Dover - Hannover - Calais Map v1.1 

8 Realistic Physics Mod v5.0

 Realistic Physics Mod v5.0 

9 Working-foglights

Working Foglights for ETS2 Trucks

 10 2015-01-11-Realistic-Phisics-Mod-1-7

Realistic Physics Mod v 7.0 Updated for 1.4.1+ 

TRAILER PACK with Realistic Textures v.



This mod uses the models of trailers remapped by:

Bora: Krone Profiliner, Krone Coolliner, Schmitz S.PR Universal, Schmitz S.CS
TZ Express: Glass Transporter
Vaarduar: Container 20ft, Twin Container 20ft, Container 40ft

Download (287 MB)

Description for TRAILER PACK with Realistic Textures:

The main purpose of this mod is to add to the game new vinyls for trailers with concurrent improvement their available quantity.
Additionally, all these new liveries are also visible in AI traffic

After installing we receive a new paintings on trailers:

- Aerodynamic
- Krone Coolliner
- Krone Profiliner
- Schmitz S.CS
- Schmitz S.PR Universal
- fuel tankers
- cisterns for food products
- cisterns for chemical products
- silo-trailers on bulk materials
- glass transporter
- trailer with container 20ft
- trailer with twin container 20ft
- trailer with container 40ft

Changes in last version: 1.8.3:

- 3 liveries for Aerodynamic trailer
- 7 new liveries for Krone ProfiLiner
- 7 new liveries for trailers Krone Coolliner
- 7 new liveries for Schmitz S.CS
- 3 new liveries for Schmitz S.PR Universal

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